Studio42dance offers non-competitive dance classes. We run non-competitive dance classes in a safe, friendly and encouraging environment. As a completely non-competitive performing arts school, we don’t participate in eisteddfods or competitions. We are currently based out of Kingston, Tasmania in the dance studio inside the Kingborough Gymnastics Centre, at the Kingborough Sports Centre.

Here are a few things that set Studio42dance apart from other performing arts schools.

Studio42dance is Non-Competitive

Studio42dance only offers non-competitive dance classes. This means that we do not perform in any eisteddfods or competitions. It also means that we don’t compete in class either, there are no ‘best’ students that always get to stand in the front row. Everyone gets a turn in the front row. There are no trophies, and there are no soloists.


At Studio42dance, you will never see any costumes that barely cover anything, and our costumes don’t break the bank either. Costumes are hired to you, and all of our costumes are very modest. We don’t show bellies, we don’t wear tiny shorts, and we ensure tops cover the entire chest area.


We are very serious about using age appropriate music. We ensure there is no swearing, (even beeped out is not good enough) and no ‘adult’ themes. We are aware that at concert time, the younger students are watching the older students too, so we ensure that the music is still appropriate, and that they are watching good role models.


Younger students love to watch the older students dance and we encourage interaction between the age groups. Using our mentoring program, older student are allocated younger students, and asked to look out for them and encourage them, especially at concert time. This often leads to new friendships!


Parents are welcome to sit in and watch the class, whatever the age of their child. Occasionally, we have ‘Open Days’, where parents are invited to come and see what their child has been working on. However, parents are welcome at any time.

For enquires, please feel free to contact us.